Guild Hall and Guild Missions

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Guild Hall and Guild Missions Empty Guild Hall and Guild Missions

Post by Micah Lacroix on Wed Oct 28, 2015 7:49 am

Gilded Hollow... or GUILDed HALLow, you decide.
Thank you to everyone who got involved in helping claim our very own Guild Hall. It was a struggle but thankfully it all went without a hitch in the end.
Anyone who has screenshots of the event (including the group photo) please post them in here. I have a bunch, but they're on Adara's laptop.

We'll slowly work towards upgrading and decorating in the future.

Now that we have our Guild Hall, we will be doing our weekly PVP Missions on Sunday evenings (6-8pm Server Time depending on activity).
The more who want to take part the better! Lets continue to grow!
Once against, thank you all for your continued help and activity within the guild.
Micah Lacroix
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