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Post by Dean on Wed Oct 21, 2015 2:57 pm

Ok ive decided to show u what my warrior is runing on in the arena pvp battles.

I`ll 1st post a link to the build then i`ll put some wisdom to it.
And this is the Build.

I recently changed from GS/HAM to GS-axe/shield because i think hammer`s skills are just too predictable and easy to evade. People kinda got use to it.
As you can see im not runing zerg amulet but marauder, which is far more tanky and this is why i kinda felt like removing Endure Pain and add another control skill and thats the Bull`s Charge which is freakin awesome combined with Hundred Blades cuz most of the medium/light armor classes are dying before they even have the chance to get up, not to mention that even the heavies may lose more than 60% of their hp in that single simple combo of 2 freakin skills. Another really usefull skill that goes with Hundred Blades is Shield Bash and ofc as u know if you want to get the best of your warrior you need to swap your weapons alot.

The sexy BEAST (GS).
The sigils i chose for my GS are the Sigil of Leeching which deal dmg and gives u health on weap swap and the Sigil of Fire which again deals some dope aoe(i think) dmg ofc with 60% chance per crit.
Using your GS skills will stack you some serious might per crit thanks to Forceful Greatsword of the Strenght spec combined with the Rune of Hoelbrak .. its just beautiful!(in both pvp and pve).
There is one skill in the GS aresnal that is the key to success in both dealing dmg and surviving and thats the Whirlwind Attack. Dealing dmg while evading also moving away from the bad bad ppl around you that wish u nothing but harm and on top of all it breaks from immobility thanks to the Warrior`s Sprint of the Discipline spec (skills that benefits from it are Rush, Bull`s Charge, Shield Bash and Eviscerate (burst axe skill)). Speaking of burst skills im using 2 feautures that makes them a key factor in most of the battles and thats the Berserker Power of Strenght spec which grants dmg % buff depends on your adrenaline stage on 3rd stage it gives u 20% bonus dmg buff that lasts 10 sec and Cleansing Ire of Defense spec that cleans conditions depending on the adrenaline stage on 3rd stage it cleans 3 conditions which is.. alright..

The sigils i chose for my... ahem ASS are Sigil of Battle.. more might and Sigil of Energy cuz u gotta stop, drop and roll from time to time..
The chop attacks are.. pretty dope especially if your target is under 50% hp and u proc the Hightened Focus of Discipline spec you wont need to use anything else to get the kill. Shield Stance combined with Shield Master of Defense spec is something you need to use on archers aiming at you also this can save ur life in all kind of situations.

The Utility Skills im using are kinda the basic stuff.
#1 Healing Signet imo this is the best healing skill we have combined with the Restorative Strenght of the Strenght spec gives u even more might per use, also the resistance status is ... just nice to have.
#2 Bull`s Charge i spoke of it alrdy but if you are feeling insecure you can always change it for Endure Pain
#3,4 Balanced and Berserk stances..
Now the Elite skill.. Yes im not using Rampage i just dont feel like it also its not that useful with its 180 sec cooldown and stuff.. Thats why i prefer the Signet of Rage. Fury, Swiftness and even more might..

Well im not sure what else to put here.. If i come up with something i`ll surely add it. BYE! Also sori for me ingrish !


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