Power Wells Necro (Wells for days!)

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Power Wells Necro (Wells for days!) Empty Power Wells Necro (Wells for days!)

Post by Micah Lacroix on Sun Oct 18, 2015 5:23 am

This build takes advantage of strong AoE wells to do huge damage to enemies, especially during point capture and point defense in PVP. Combining these wells with traits and skills to allow for great survivability, it's magnificent for team fights and applying pressure to unsuspecting opponents.
I'm sure this build could be optimised by better PVPers, however it's worked well for me in many, many matches and is one of my favourite builds to play.



  • On entering a fight, use Spectral Armor to quickly build Life Force as this will be acting as a big source of your survivability.
  • Cast your two utility Wells (Suffering and Corruption) on an area that'll damage the most enemies possible.
  • Using D/W, cast Dark Pact on your main target to immobilise them in your AoE.
  • Casting Staff Skill 3 (Chillblains) also applies Chill to enemies, which is another strong anti-kiting tool.
  • After using your wells, your main damage output is from your dagger auto attack (great DPS) and your death shroud skills (Death Shroud 1 skill packs a huge punch).

  • Staff Skill 5 acts as a great AoE interrupt to enemies attempting to finish your teammates or resurrect allies.
  • Death Shroud 3 is also effective for this, though only on a single target.


  • Well of Blood (Heal Skill 6) is another of your wells which provides not only a great self heal, but healing to your allies who are in the well also, providing support for the team.
  • Due to the lack of Plague Signet, your main condition removal is Staff Skill 4 (Putrid Mark), which transfers conditions from yourself to enemies when they step into the well.
  • Staff skill 2 (Mark of Blood) also provides Regen to yourself and allies when triggered, which is useful support when in team fights.
    Additionally, you will also slowly recover health when in Death Shroud.

Elite Skill:

  • In team fights or when trying to hold a point against melee enemies until your team arrive, your elite skill Plague has 3 very useful pressure skills. Spamming 2 while in Plague Form pumps out AoE blind which supports your team and allows them to continue applying damage and pressure to the enemy team. In amongst this, using the Plague form 1 skill applies weakness, further applying pressure.

The main downside to this build is that although Necromancers have great survivability due to their large health pool and lifeforce, running a Power Well build like this one means less healing abilities that other Necromancer builds may access through Signet of the Locust and Signet of Vampirism. This means when in direct fire from multiple enemies with no backup, you won't last as long as certain other Necromancer builds that have greater healing potential and condition cleanse. So be smart when engaging enemies and know when to back off and how to kite.

[May add video if I capture some]
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